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9 Reasons Why You Will Choose CoCoGeri!

1.You will look and feel your best when you leave!

We know that any investment of time and trust should return to you 100%

2.You are always our welcomed guest and You WILL receive our BEST service!

We are committed to your sense of  being received and valued.


3.You will have a consultation with one of our professional

Image Associates.

Our Image Associates completely understand that we can not create the look or feeling you will enjoy best if we have not heard you.


4.You will be encourage to try new ideas to freshen your look or improve health.

We understand that it is easy to get stuck in ruts that keep us locked into un enjoyable results.


5.Your time will never be wasted or taken for granted.

We know how valuable time and trust is.



6. You can be assured your professional has all the current training the industry can offer and that all licences with the State of Florida are up to date.


7. You will always be educated on products or services that we recommend and that you will never be stuck with a product that is not working for you. We guaranteed to replace or refund your purchase so you can be as comfortable as possible.


8. You will enjoy the opportunity of booking your own appointments directly with your own professional directly.




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